Our Vision

Every responsible citizen of our planet knows that we need to wisely use its resources. Education is important in identifying current destructive trends towards depletion. Once identified, we are able to create sustainable solutions to reverse the negative trends. Pollution is a people problem that merits a people solution. This is why saving the planet has to be a collective effort. No one person can fix the problem on their own. We put in our best efforts by acting responsibly through finding, creating, and joining good causes and encouraging our peers to do the same.

It’s a two step effort: Act & Educate.


In 2015, we as a society in the USA generated 11,470,000 tons of glass. Of that amount, 3,030,000 tons were recycled. 1,470,000 tons went towards combustion with energy recovery. 6,970,000 tons were landfilled. From this we see that in 2015, over 60% of the glass we generated went into the landfills. Glass is 100% recyclable and there is a high demand for recyclable glass. Making products out of recycled glass cullet requires 40% less energy than generating glass from sand. What a shame when, even with high demand, over half of the glass we generate goes into landfills. Working together, we can recycle our glass.

Causes and Vendors

We are inspired by the many individuals and organizations who act to improve the world. In addition to properly recycling glass through connecting supply to demand, there are many causes in which to participate and we are always looking for more causes to support. Bring important and awesome causes to our attention via social media shoutout @RecycleOurGlass or contact us.

Thinking Forward

We are continually becoming aware of good causes to support. We also want to have the glass recycling support the local arts, providing glass to local glass artists. Eventually, it would be great to have an exhibit in boise showcasing art made specifically from recycled materials. We recycle glass for now, but in the future we would like to expand to other materials. Our application is under perpetual development and we hope to eventually offer greater insight into the individual journeys taken by your donated glass.

Community-driven. Literally.

There is a thriving gig economy. Whether it’s ride-sharing, charging scooters, snapping photos for insurance adjusters, delivering groceries, it’s never been easier to participate in the “side-hustle”. Sign up to pick up glass in your free time or in between destinations. As you sign up to have your glass collected, your neighbors are the ones doing the collecting.