Select Plan

Sign up for service, select your plan and options. We offer a simple subscription and an on-demand collection to choose between. These services cater to the average household which uses approximately 2 ft3 per month. Commercial applications for HOAs, restaurants, bars/taverns/breweries, public institutions, and other entities are available but we handle these requests individually due to the complexity of the service required.

Contact us for a commercial quote!

Schedule Pick-up

Your monthly subscription buys one pickup credit to be used any time during the month. Each month you receive a new pickup credit but these credits do not roll over from month to month. For the no hassle option, select a default weekday and week that you want your glas picked up. Your glass will be collected on that day unless you specify differently. We will send notifications for upcoming scheduled collection as well as collection status notification. If you are unavailable for the scheduled pickup, just let us know and specify a date that works for you. We know you are busy and want this process to be as simple as possible.

Leave glass on doorstep

We currently only recycle glass containers such as bottles, jars, vases, etc. but we hope to expand to accept other materials in the future. Leave your glass containers on your doorstep in an accessible area. One of our drivers will come to retrieve the glass. No interaction is necessary with our drivers.

Receive Notifications

Our driver will pick up the glass and we will send you a collection confirmation notification, thanking you for taking part in the Recycle Our Glass initiative. You’ll also receive reminders when your scheduled recycling day approaches.