• Scheduled Pick-up, Once a month
  • "Never Miss" — Rescheduled Pick-up
  • Additional pick-ups at $3.75 each
  • Text and Email Reminders
  • Glass Destination Preferences*
  • Recycle Contribution and Impact Reports*


$9.95 per pick-up
  • Schedule a pick-up anytime,
    only when you need it.


  • Become a commercial partner
    for your glass recycling needs.


The City of Boise currently offers a great curbside pick-up service once a month on a predetermined day for $6.06 per 65 gallon container. Yes, you’ll have to have yet another large container to store and manage with no control over when your glass is picked up. So between your garbage, compost, cardboard, and glass containers, you should still have room to make it through the right-hand side of the garage door. If you’re out of town, you’ll have to wait until the next month to have your glass recycled unless your neighbor is really nice and accommodating to drag your bin out to the curb on your behalf. The city does not guarantee that 100% of your glass is recycled.

Alternatively, you could pay a few cents more per month to have RecycleOurGlass pick up your glass on a day that works best for you. No extra bins to store on the side of the house. Rest assured that your wine bottle will never end up in a landfill. In fact, you may actually drink out of it again. Feel good about making a difference and supporting a great cause. When you use our service, you are guaranteed that none of the glass you donate ends up in the landfill.

Our Glass

City Glass


Commercial Windows, Local artists, Glass tumblers, Containers, More coming soon. Abrasives company.

Guaranteed Recycled

YES. Transparently. Maybe.


No container. Small container available for purchase. 65 gallon additional bin to store on the side of your residence and move around.

Pickup Date

You say. You comply.

Pickup Location

Doorstep. Curbside.


$6.95/mo subscription $9.95/ one time pickup $3.75/ additional pickup beyond subscription. $6.06/mo. + Extra charge for removing your bin.


Know the face of the person picking up your glass and receive status notifications. Big, noisy truck that wakes you up in the morning.

* Feature Coming Soon!