Good things happen when we join together in the recycling effort.

Heighten Environmental Conscience

Increase recycling awareness and take positive and measurable action. Sustainably managing Earth’s natural resources is a global initiative requiring individual effort.

Keep glass out of

60% of glass generated goes into landfills where it sits… forever. Connecting the abundant consumer supply with the high manufacturing demand will keep glass out of the landfill.

Simplicity and Convenience

Have your glass picked up from your doorstep around your schedule, not ours. Schedule regular monthly pickup with subscription. Cancel anytime. Additional pickups on demand.


You will know where your donated glass is sent. You may end up drinking out of it again or it may end up back in your home. We always search for awesome vendors and causes.

Take simple, convenient action to join the glass recycling revolution


Select Plan
Choose a subscription or on-demand. Whatever works best for you.
Schedule Pick-up
Choose your preferred monthly pick-up day. It's on your schedule!
Leave glass on doorstep
Place the glass to be recycled in an accessible space on your doorstep.
Receive Notifications
Be notified from pick-up to processing. Know where your glass goes!

Make a difference

Keep our glass out of landfills. It's up to us. Help us make a difference.